As an actor, I travel a lot. Flying to and from film sets around the world is part of the job but it allows me to explore new places and cultures during my downtime – which I absolutely love!

To ensure that I’m ready for wherever my next role takes me, I make sure my favorite flight essentials are conveniently packed in my carry-on and my backpack. Fun fact about me is that I’m strictly a carry-on guy, no checked bags. Luckily I’m a pretty laid-back guy, so I make it work. My travel wardrobe reflects my everyday lifestyle: T-shirts, jeans, sweatshirts— basically anything that’s casual, comfortable and easy to pack.

1. Headphones and Hoodie

A good pair of headphones is essential for me. Without my headphones I feel lost and would not be able to listen to my favorite music while exploring cities like Tokyo or enjoy the in-flight entertainment. I always make sure to put them in my backpack so I can keep them close by in-flight! Also, I love a good hoodie or pull-over. They’re cozy, roomy and warm. What’s not to love? It is my go-to for comfort and instantly puts me into chill mode. Whether I am enjoying the food, drinks or in-flight entertainment, hoodies and headphones are essential to traveling in comfort and style.


2. Hats

People often think that celebrities only throw on a hat when they’re trying to be incognito or cover up a bad hair day—but that’s not always the case. Sure, it can be an effective guise or hair distraction, but it’s also because they’re simple and I like them! For me, I love my beanies and baseball caps – it is a little cocoon for my head. When traveling, hats are the perfect accessory that’s functional and in my opinion relatively fashionable.


3. Eye Mask

Getting some much-needed shut-eye is one of the things I look forward to most when flying internationally, aside from the food! Donning an eye mask may not look particularly macho, but a good snooze is always king. Darkening my surroundings helps me drift off to sleep easier, resulting in a relaxing flight. When flying ANA, I don’t even have to bring my own, because the airline offers them in their convenient amenities kit available to all passengers.


4. Swim Trunks

Swim trunks always – you will not find my bag without them. But what about during the freezing winter you say? That did NOT stop me from jumping into the ocean in Chiba, Japan in December! My ultimate travel adventure always involves water. I am in my element when I am surfing, scuba diving or fishing, no matter which country or city I visit, so swim trunks are essential.


5. Sun Glasses

What is it about sun glasses? They always seem to find a way of losing themselves so I always pack extra. Since being outdoors and exploring is my jam, having sunglasses is a must-have when traveling. Of course, several pairs go right in my carry on because remember – I do not check any bags!