There’s something to be said about women who choose to arrive at the airport in style. I’m one of them. Even if I’m on an eleven hour flight, I’d rather travel in style than anything else. Not only is the outfit you board the plane wearing, the one you’re stuck with for the next few hours, but it’s also how you’ll be received at your destination. Who says we can’t be stylish and comfortable at the same time?

For my recent trip to Tokyo, I wore my favorite leather leggings on the international flight. They’re comfy, but also have an edge. I paired them with one of my go-to soft, cream sweaters to balance the look. I also tossed in my carry-on a chunky bell sleeved sweater in case I decided to go to dinner first before checking in to my hotel. This timeless combo instantly makes you look pulled together.

The sleek, comfortable design of ANA’s cabins completely work with my chic-meets-casual style. From the modern design to the unbelievable amenities, the ambiance reflects my individual taste.

Here are a few pictures from my stylish flight to Tokyo.

“I made it a point to pack a few reading materials in my carryon because there’s nothing like curling up in a cabin with a good book or magazine.”

“If I could eat sushi everyday, I probably would. Before boarding, I grabbed some delicious rolls to hold me over until my flight.”

“The First Class cabins are so spacious, but offer the right amount of privacy when you want to unwind and rest. This is my ideal outfit when traveling on long flights. I feel put together and comfortable.”

“A glass of champagne? I love it!”

“Thanks to the convenient and stylish amenity kits offered onboard, I could freshen up just before landing with some amazing skincare products!”

“Little details like flowers with my latte are what traveling in style is all about.”