For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved fashion. It’s allowed me to express myself creatively and exude my inner confidence. Luckily, my career as an actress allows me to experiment with high fashion and bold looks.

Whether I’m wearing a floor-length designer gown on the red carpet or donning an out-of-this-world wardrobe for a role, fashion is a big part of my life. I travel a lot, and anytime I visit a new city I’m always excited to check out the local fashions and what’s trending in each city or country.

This is one of the reasons I was so excited to visit Tokyo. Once I arrived, I couldn’t wait to explore the local fashion districts and discover new designers and eccentric stores. Tokyo is brimming with so many inspiring styles that I loved incorporating into my wardrobe. Put it this way; don’t be shocked if you find my closet stocked with colorful kimonos.

Here are a few photos from my Tokyo fashion tour:

“Inspired by the beautiful women I saw sporting gorgeous kimonos throughout the city, I had to visit the Harajuku shopping district where I found this eye-catching red and green kimono-inspired jacket. I loved the little details like the pattern and belt.”

“Sequins and sparkle? Yes, please! These bedazzled duds were flashy and quite frankly, pretty awesome.”

“It’s all about the perfect pose and a good backdrop, right?”

“A bomber jacket, leather leggings and boots were the perfect getup for walking around the city.”

“I was in awe of all of the variety of richly detailed fabrics from a store that specialized in making kimonos. What a beautiful tradition.”