In 2019, we formed the perfect “match” with Naomi Osaka, the first Japanese U.S. Tennis Open Champion.

Naomi is a Japanese professional tennis player and has been ranked #1 by the Women’s Tennis Association. She is the first Asian player to hold the top ranking in singles and a four-time Grand Slam singles champion while also holding the title of the reigning champion at both the U.S. Open and the Australian Open.

Naomi exemplifies not only a commitment to excellence but also a willingness to take on new challenges, which aligns closely with the values that inspire us at ANA. And through all of her hard work and commitment to the sport of tennis, Naomi has become a master of her craft – just as we have mastered the art of service and flight.

At ANA, we focus meticulously on every detail to provide an authentic and memorable Japanese experience. We embrace the spirit of “omotenashi” providing a service that is warm and genuine while also connecting the world to Japan through our growing network. Because it’s through our craft, care and connections that we are able to create treasured memoires for all of our guests. That is the ANA promise.

Naomi has earned her ranks – and as the leading 5-Star Japanese airline, we have too. We aim to provide the best travel experiences that make our guests smile. Because it is – and always has been – about creating richer memories for our guests by establishing a deeper appreciation of Japan and its culture.

Whether on and off the court – or the plane – our shared roots, values and inspiration are qualities that make us proud to represent Japan. Whether it’s winning several championship titles or the SKYTRAX 5-Star COVID-19 Airline Safety Rating, our performances both on and off the court – and the plane – are something we take very seriously. Together, we take pride in our culture and our heritage – and we are proud to represent Japan.