Welcome to Experience Class

When you choose to fly with ANA there are no limits to the service, hospitality and finite attention to detail each and every passenger receives. Experience Class is a new take on the definition of class.

Experience Class isn’t about the duration between point A and point B, it’s about the journey. It starts the moment you step on the plane and stays with you far beyond your exit. It’s the spirit of Japan surrounding you as you enjoy an authentic Japanese meal, warm cup of traditional tea, chilled glass of shochu and welcoming smiling from a flight attendant. It’s the experience of modern air travel combined with the golden age of travel – from the unparalleled service to the best amenities and most comfortable seating, no matter where you sit.

We welcome you to begin your journey with ANA by exploring our specially curated articles that provide a glimpse into the cultures of Asia’s premier destinations. Your trip to Asia starts here.

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