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Taste Tokyo’s Fine Dining Scene

Japanese cuisine was the star of Sal DiBenedetto’s time in Japan. Seeking out fine-dining experiences was of particular interest, leading the foodie to premium locations known for their creative presentations of Japanese classics.

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Learn to Cook Japanese Food in Tokyo

“Food was a major part of my time in Tokyo and this gave me a peak behind the curtain, to say the least. There’s a reason why Japanese food is among the best in the world.”

Ciara Johnson traveled to Japan with ANA and documented her journey, detailing her time exploring the rich history and culture of both Tokyo and Kyoto. As a content creator who regularly shares her experiences as a solo female traveler, Ciara planned an itinerary ideal for anyone looking to explore Japan — be it with friends, family, or as an intrepid party of one.

Modern Culture & Dining

Itinerary Inspo: Solo Travel Exploring Culture and Food

Traveling solo is a special way to experience the world. Daunting to some, Ciara Johnson finds it invigorating — so much so that she encourages others to explore the world with her solo adventures. Making her way through Tokyo, Hakone and Kyoto, Ciara’s itinerary digs deep into Japanese culture and food. It’s perfect inspiration for anyone looking to cultivate memory-making moments and truly immerse themselves in unique experiences.

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Exploring the culinary arts one bite at a time, food is at the center of Sal DiBenedetto’s itinerary. In addition to learning about vegan Buddhist cooking and attending masterclasses on soba noodles and sushi, Sal will be tasting his way through some of Tokyo and Kyoto’s most unexpected dining establishments.

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Museums are an excellent opportunity to delve into Japanese history and culture — but these aren’t your typical museums. Unusual subjects, unexpected displays and uncommon sights make these museums a little different than your run-of-the-mill gallery of glass display cases.

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A Fashion Chat With a Harajuku Girl

A Fashion Chat With a Harajuku GirlTokyo’s Harajuku neighborhood has nurtured its own sense of whimsy and freedom since the late 1980s and 1990s, when it became a mecca for inventive street culture and colorful, offbeat fashion styles. One of the first boutiques to...

Modern Culture & Dining

The Latest in Japan’s Cat Culture

In Japan, neko (cats) are becoming a must-pet tourist attraction. Roaming cities and towns, taking over coffee shops, the animals have stolen the hearts of residents and visitors alike. Today, there are more than 150 cat cafés dotting Japan. Though other animals,...

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