Japanese History & Nature

City and Nature: Capturing Japan’s Contrasting Beauty

From the incredible beauty of Japan’s natural landscape to the gleaming lights of its bustling cities, Rod Trevino and Chelsea Mealo curated their itinerary to strike the perfect balance. The creative duo intentionally sought out inspiring landscapes to explore as well as opportunities to dive into bustling cities and vibrant culture. Their travel highlights capture the incredible diversity of experiences available in Japan.

Japanese History & Nature

Reflecting on the Joy of Exploring Japan

Reflecting on her time in Japan, Tee George struggled to limit her favorite experiences on the ground to just a few highlights. Her time was filled with dazzling moments in Tokyo and days spent immersing herself in the beauty of nature along the Japanese coast.

Japanese History & Nature

Only in Japan: Relaxing with Snow Monkeys

“We definitely got more than what we were expecting, which is a lot to ask for on any trip.”

For content creator Rod Trevino, who traveled to Japan with friend and fellow creator Chelsea Mealo, one experience stood out above the rest — seeing Japan’s iconic snow monkeys. 

Japanese History & Nature

Soak in a Hot Spring at Oodaru Waterfall

“Okay, let me set the scene,” says Tee George. She sits up straighter and her eyes light up as she begins to emphasize her words with excited hand motions. “We made it to this cute, small town and there were cherry blossom trees everywhere. The town, at least this part, has probably five or six shops and a huge parking lot for the trails….” 

Japanese History & Nature


Finding the most scenic and memorable destinations is second nature to photographers Chelsea Mealo and Rod Trevino. Those looking to immerse themselves in the natural beauty of Japan may find inspiration in this creative duo’s itinerary. Focusing on the areas surrounding two of Japan’s most iconic cities — Tokyo and Kyoto — Chelsea and Rod have fine-tuned their destination list to capture some of the most stunning locations.

Japanese History & Nature


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