An ANA Pilot Shares His Top (Insider!) Spots To Visit in Japan

Who better to ask than a seasoned traveler (aka an ANA pilot) when it comes to getting suggestions for fascinating places to check out in Japan? Here, Yuichi Nishiyama, a captain of one of ANA’s the newest B-777 planes, shares his shortlist of top picks.

What is your favorite town/city to visit that feels “undiscovered”?
Wakkanai [see photo above], the northernmost city in Japan, is hard to get to — but it is worth it! The nature is extraordinary and you can find the most beautiful scenery, hot springs and fresh seafood.

A favorite summer destination?
We have lots of fireworks displays in various areas during summer season especially on weekends. They are really impressive and always make for unforgettable memories.

How about in the winter?
Skiing or snowboarding in northern Japan is excellent – the snow in Hokkaido, Japan’s most northern island (Wakkanai is located here too), is great quality.

Where do tell first-time visitors to Tokyo to go:
Surrounded by greenery, the Imperial Palace is one of my favorite places to take a walk — and tours are available with advance reservations. I also send people to the Toyosu area to check out the fish market and sushi shops.

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