Japan: The More You Know, the More You Go

If you spend hours searching for “unexpected destinations,” scouring Pinterest for vacation tips, or saving Instagram posts sharing top-secret recommendations — then you’ve found the right place.

Planning a trip like that can be difficult, which causes many people to put off their dream vacations. ANA is here to help.

Japan is ripe with incredible destinations and experiences, which is why so many avid travelers find themselves booking repeat trips. When it comes to Japan, the more you know, the more you go.

This is where ANA comes in.

Three people of different genders and ethnicities enjoying tea and conversation in a traditional Japanese-style room with large windows and a wooden interior.
A collage of diverse images: a lesson between a male and a young male client, a bowl of Asian noodle soup, a young black woman with glasses in an urban setting, cherry blossoms and a couple walking down the street holding an umbrella and eating a snack.

Introducing ANA Ambassadors

Over the next few months, ANA will connect U.S.-based and local Japanese influencers. Together, these ANA Ambassadors will map out the perfect, personalized trip — full of insider tips.

The ANA Ambassador partners will bring joy to the planning process through a pen pal-like relationship. Foodies, creatives, outdoor enthusiasts and travel pros alike will plan trips to Japan like you’ve never seen — trips with the eye of a local.

From dreaming and planning to finally exploring Japan. Glean planning insights and gather destination ideas as the ANA Ambassadors map out their journey here on ANA Experience Class and across social.

Man in a yellow shirt smiling while kayaking on a river holding a double-bladed paddle.

Discover your Perfect Trip

Research shows that, on average, travelers spend over 20 hours on pre-travel planning and book international trips three to four months in advance. ANA believes there is plenty of joy to be found in planning a trip — especially one to Japan.

While the ANA Ambassadors are busy planning their trips, ANA wants to help you discover your perfect trip. Curated mood boards will help set the tone for your trip and bring joy to the search for those exceptional experiences.

Are you seeking historical immersion, natural wonders, culinary excellence, or maybe fashionable shopping? Whatever it is, ANA and the ANA Ambassadors will help discover your perfect trip and kick-start your planning.

Follow along here and across Instagram and Facebook to learn more and meet the ANA Ambassadors.

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