A personalized trip collage featuring people of different genders and ethnicities, cultural elements like a torii gate and maneki-neko, and lifestyle scenes including a matcha latte, an ANA airplane and origami.

Meet the ANA Ambassadors

ANA Ambassadors have one job — to map out the perfect, personalized trip that’s full of insider tips.

Over the next few months, ANA Ambassadors and local Japanese influencers will bring joy to the planning process through a pen pal-like relationship. Foodies, creatives, outdoor enthusiasts and travel pros alike will plan trips to Japan like you’ve never seen — trips with the eye of a local.

Now, meet the ANA Ambassadors.

A collage featuring a young woman with dark hair and a subtle smile and a cup of matcha latte with artful foam on the side, set against a leafy green background.


As a Vietnamese-Chinese American student, Linh Truong makes videos on college life, fashion, beauty, art and the queer Asian American experience. Having never traveled to Japan, Linh is excited to capture cinematic memories of art museums and the flagships of their favorite Japanese franchises — Animal Crossing, Nintendo and Studio Ghibli.


Known for sharing her exquisite style, travel experiences and friendly demeanor, Jessica Clements is making a return visit to Japan. “I can’t imagine ever tiring of discovering new breathtaking areas and experiences, or of revisiting the places that are familiar to me.” Jess wants to delve into Tokyo and Kyoto’s food scene and hopes to find skincare and vintage clothing shops to share with her followers.

A young woman with dark hair smiling, with an overlay of an artistic blue origami bird at the corner and colorful Japanese desserts.
A collage with a noodle dish, beside a photo of an Asian man and woman dressed in black sitting at a table, overlaid on images of travel books.


Ewa and Jeromy Ko both come from first-generation immigrant families (from Taiwan and Hong Kong), grew up in the food industry and met while working at a restaurant. Their account offers an industry look into the food world and was announced as a James Beard Media Award finalist for their dedication to amplifying Asian culture and traditions through food and thoughtful storytelling on social media.

On what will be a return trip to Japan, the two intend to find late-night bites and explore cuisine in cities familiar and new.

A man smiling in a baseball hat with a blue origami crane in one corner and a pair of winter skis.


On this return visit to Japan, Drew is looking to experience the slopes of Sapporo and the bustling city of Tokyo. “I have been to all 197 countries and I tell positive stories about humanity, with an overall goal to inspire others to travel and learn about our beautiful world.”

A black man wearing an embroidered jacket with flowers set against an orange background with a blue fan and a white and pink flower in the corners.


Focusing on art, culture and travel, Karl Shakur uses his channel to share life’s beauty. This isn’t Karl’s first trip to Japan and he’s excited to delve deeper into the nation’s rich history and culture. “Overall, this trip to Japan is not just about personal exploration but also about sharing the beauty of the world with my followers, encouraging them to appreciate the extraordinary in the ordinary and to embark on their own journeys of self-discovery and cultural enrichment.”

A woman kneels in the grass of a meadow while sketching on a sketchpad as a deer relaxes by her side, paired with pencils in one corner and bamboo shoots in the other.


Dubbing themselves “Japan’s Chief Explorer” may not be such a stretch. @empty.japan showcase tranquil, off-the-beaten-path locations and share the legends they hold. Living in Kyoto, they are passionate about engaging with Japanese culture and helping tourists experience “an incredibly authentic Japan.”  With their help, a trip to Japan is sure to become an unforgettable adventure.

A woman in a white t-shirt gazes up at the sky in a wooded area with a blue origami crane and an ANA airplane in opposite corners.


Addy Collette is an avid traveler who has explored Japan by plane, rail and in a camper van — which she converted herself. Traditional festivals, celebrations and ceremonies hold a special place in her heart, especially since Addy travels with a keen sense of curiosity and desire to learn. “I definitely recommend exploring the cities but there are also many interesting and beautiful places to venture to outside of the city center. I love to share the back streets, local markets, vast nature, small islands, etc. The list goes on!”


Local to Tokyo, Alisa is known for showcasing Japan from a true local’s point-of-view. From alleys with hidden gems and the best street food, to shrines worth the hike — Alisa shares it all. Her goal is to show people the real Japan, outside of the “social hype,” so that followers and travelers alike can have an authentic Japanese experience.

An Asian woman in a blue paisley dress with a white shirt tied in the front smiles and looks to the side, paired with Shinto architecture and mountain in a collage.
A smiling Asian man in a blue shirt with a pink tattoo on his arm rests his head on his fist, paired with a cat mask and maneki-neko.


Known for his excellent food and shopping recommendations, Stan brings humor and inclusion to his day-in-the-life style channels. “A common message and comment I get is, ‘I went to ____ because of your video! Thank you for recommending it!’ A lot of my viewers use my videos to plan their itineraries. As a huge traveler myself, I also give a lot of travel advice which my followers always find useful!”


For Moe, there is a special joy in sharing a glimpse into her life as a mother to 4-year-old Sutan. Aside from sharing the recipes behind her home-cooked meals — which Moe ensures can be easily replicated around the world by including substitution and seasoning ideas — she shares stories of Japanese housewives, giving a meaningful glimpse into motherhood and Japanese culture.

A joyful Asian mother and her young daughter smiling together, the mother in a yellow and pink blouse and the daughter in a frilly green outfit, with a blue umbrella and pink blossoms in the background.
From dreaming and planning to finally exploring Japan. Glean planning insights and gather destination ideas as the ANA Ambassadors map out their journey here on ANA Experience Class and across social.
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