A hand holds utensils that place takoyaki onto a serving plate.

A Foodie’s Guide
to Kyoto, Osaka
and Tokyo

There are people who eat when traveling, and there are people who travel to eat. Ewa and Jeromy Ko of nom_life are the latter. Their time in Japan is shaping up to be a culinary exploration, seeking out the best and the unexpected, the traditional and the new. Luckily for them, kimono_mom Moe is deeply knowledgeable about Japanese cuisine and ready to help.


Moe has a thoughtful approach to sharing her home-cooked meals — which she ensures can be easily replicated around the world. This desire to connect others with Japanese cuisine and her glimpses into Japanese culture are helping to guide Ewa and Jeromy’s itinerary.

Collage of images featuring a matcha dessert, Japanese fish dish, and ramen over an image of cherry blossoms.
Collage featuring content creators Moe and Nom Life, with a Japense lantern, ramen dish, mitarashi dango, and a restaurant.

Connecting ANA Ambassadors

“We have gone to Japan twice now, but we loved our trips both times and are excited to go back again,” says Ewa. “There’s so much diversity and so many things to explore that I feel like we’ve barely scratched the surface.”

The nom_life duo each grew up in the food industry and later met while working at a restaurant. Their dedication to amplifying Asian culture and traditions through food and thoughtful storytelling has earned them a coveted spot as a James Beard Media Award finalist.

Aside from their culinary exploration, Ewa and Jeromy want to experience one of Japan’s most iconic phenomena — cherry blossom season.

Dining in Kyoto, Osaka and Tokyo

  • Kyoto:
  • Osaka:
    • Revisit favorite street food like takoyaki, or grilled octopus balls, and dango, or dumplings served on a skewer
    • Experience the nightlife culture and izakaya, or traditional bar, along the river and end with karaoke
  • Tokyo:
    • Make bento boxes with Moe and have a picnic under the blooming sakura
    • Chikamine for omakase style tempura served at the counter
    • Kazama for high-end sushi, omakase-style
    • Iso Sushi for casual sushi in the Toyosu Fish Market
    • Yakitori Akane for omakase style yakitori, or skewered chicken
    • Motsuyaki Den Nakameguro, an old izakaya perfect for tasting classic bar foods
    • Tonki, a popular casual restaurant for tonkatsu, a deep-fried pork cutlet
Map of Japan featuring Kyoto, Osaka, and Tokyo.
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As Ewa and Jeromy eat their way through three of Japan’s most iconic cities, they’ll be taking in distinctly unique aspects of Japanese culture. From Kyoto’s vibrant history to the port city of Osaka and the bustle of Tokyo, each has something truly special to offer culinary enthusiasts.

ANA Ambassadors have one job — to map out the perfect, personalized trip full of insider tips. Follow along to see how this trip pans out and what destinations the other ANA Ambassadors discover.

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