A stylish tourist wearing a backpack holds her beret in place as she walks down a bustling city street with shops in Tokyo.

From Tokyo to Kyoto:
Experience Japan’s Fashion
and Beauty Scene

No two trips to Japan are the same — something style maven and travel connoisseur Jessica Clements knows firsthand. She’s been captivated by Japan’s beauty over numerous trips and is returning in anticipation of discovering more. Enter Alisa, a savvy Tokyo-based content creator who knows the city inside and out. Together, they are curating an itinerary that is equal parts stylish and culturally significant.

b)	Two women wearing kimonos hold their heads close in conversation on a historic Japanese street with a pagoda in the foreground at sunset.
Collage featuring content creators Jess Clements and Alissa with images of women in kimonos, a Shinto temple, and a mountain.

Connecting ANA Ambassadors

Having been to Japan previously, Jess is planning to revisit several of her favorite destinations as well as explore new-to-her areas. Dividing her time between Tokyo and Kyoto, Jess hopes to find skincare and vintage clothing shops and delve into the food scene.

“I would love to start my trip in Kyoto to use my jet lag to my advantage for the sightseeing there, then travel to Tokyo.”

With a channel dedicated to beauty, shopping and vintage style, Jess has her sights set on Tokyo’s shopping scene. Given her flair for vintage fashion, she and Alisa are working to pin down a few must-see shops, like Casanova Vintage, Kindal, and Okura.

For beauty, Jess and Alisa are scouting out the best spots for facials, and potentially a head spa — which typically offer scalp treatments, massages and hair styling. “Japan is well known in the skincare and beauty world for having impeccable formulation and high-quality products,” says Jess. “I would love to learn more and explore that world.”

Shopping and
Culture in Japan

  • Kyoto:
    • Visit Fushimi Inari Taisha and the nearby street food market
    • Look for vintage fashion in local shops
    • Visit Kiyomizu-dera Temple
    • Experience Kaiseki cuisine, a traditional multi-course meal, as well as classic Kyoto street food
    • Visit a tea house to experience a tea ceremony
  • Tokyo:
    • Book a facial or visit a head spa for a treatment
    • Explore Japanese skincare and beauty at shops like Cosme
    • Vintage shops, from high-end designer vintage to more affordable thrifting
    • Visit a few of the city’s many temples
    • Find parks and gardens to explore, like Yoyogi Park and Shinjuku Gyoen
    • Visit the Oedo Antique Market
A map of Japan featuring Tokyo and Kyoto.

Jess is still finalizing her itinerary and considering if adding one more destination is possible. With her plans already set on the history and culture of Kyoto and the bustling city life of Tokyo, a relaxing beach escape in Okinawa or a few days spent skiing and visiting hot springs in Hokkaido could be a welcome change of pace — and a chance to see an entirely different side of Japan.

ANA Ambassadors have one job — to map out the perfect, personalized trip full of insider tips. Follow along to see how this trip pans out and what destinations the other ANA Ambassadors discover.

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