Maximum comfort is a constant theme on ANA’s Tokyo-to-Honolulu flight, which will soon feature Japan’s first-ever Airbus 380. In keeping with the sense of well-being and the joy that comes with a holiday trip, first-class passengers will be treated to a menu created by Michelin- star-winning chef Ryo Takatsuka (pictured above), head chef at Noe, the famed Italian restaurant at the Four Seasons Oahu. “It has been such an exciting opportunity,” says Takatsuka, who spent years gaining mastery of Italian cuisine in the kitchens of some of Italy’s top restaurants. “For this ANA menu, I use ingredients local to Hawaii, but in a range of Italian specialties. This way passengers can begin to picture Hawaii and the experience and flavors that await them.” Here are just a few of the delectable dishes that will be served in-flight from May through August — and Chef Takatsuka’s commentary on each.

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