A wide couch to sprawl out on with a book or enjoy a high-definition movie. Luxurious bedding to curl up in for a rejuvenating sleep on an expansive, flat bed.

These are just a few highlights of the latest in business class comforts, all of which come to life with The Room, ANA’s newest, state-of-the-art accommodations on its 777 Boeing planes that now fly between Tokyo and London, and most recently Tokyo and New York. The interiors, designed by famed architect Kengo Kuma and leading British design firm Acumen, give guests a comfortable place to relax and recharge.

“When we first started the project, we came up with a range of different design concepts and configurations, and all of them were focused on giving the passenger a bit more space within the cabin,” explains John McKeever, a director at Acumen who worked closely on the business class seat design. “We also wanted to evoke the Japanese home environment of tatami mats aboard the aircraft. That’s expressed with a very wide seat and a space that can be used in a lot of different ways. You can put it straight into the bed position, or sit on it cross-legged, or simply move around in a different way that suits you — it’s more unique than a typical aircraft experience. It really is a sanctuary in the sky that you can use as your own personal space.”

Read on to learn about nine features that make up what is now referred to as the best business class seat available today.

Table for Two: The Room’s seat is more of a sofa. It’s so wide, in fact, that two people can sit or lie down comfortably while eating, chatting and enjoying the space’s features. It’s absolutely perfect for a cozy snuggle with a child or partner — and for resting your bag beside you. The gracious proportions of the space are more akin to what you would normally find in a first-class accommodation.

Bigger Is Better: When it comes to inflight entertainment, the larger the screen, the better. In The Room, travelers can watch movies and TV shows on a 22-inch monitor, complete with 4K ultra high-definition technology.

Privacy Preferred: On ANA, business class comes complete with privacy doors. These can be partially closed so you can interact with the crew, or totally closed, the best option for some undisturbed shut-eye.

Tech Is Top: Guests can download the ANA smartphone app to customize entertainment playlists, which then connect to the 22-inch screens. You can even control your TV screen on your phone, so you don’t have to bother with a remote.

Sleep Comfortably: Did we mention this seat is more of a sofa? Well, it’s also a bed, which takes up the entire width of each “Room.” It even comes with a wide foot cubby to help guests find the most comfortable and natural sleep positions.

East Meets West: The Room’s aesthetic marries Japanese culture with Western design principles. The space is complete with Japanese rosewood and ash wood finishes that also appear in ANA lounges, creating a seamless experience, all reflecting the designs of architect Kengo Kuma.

Easy Listening: The Room comes with not one, but two headphone jacks, so guests don’t have to adjust their resting positions to stay connected. What’s worse than accidentally unplugging your headphones during a climactic movie scene?

So Much Space: In addition to the wide foot cubby and even wider seats, The Room comes with a vanity mirror that doubles as a storage cubby. Oh, and it’s chock full of USB and AC ports, with space to hang your cables so they don’t bend or wind up in knots.

It’s All in the Details: Luxury Japanese bedding company Nishikawa created a custom line for The Room that includes a mattress topper, duvet and memory foam-style pillows (each passenger gets two). How’s that for a comfy ride?


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