Your long-held dream of visiting Japan is a possibility. Borders have been reopened to international travelers, and flights are filling up. For dreamers everywhere, the time is now. Wake up from the dream. The first step is to click “book,” then ANA can help you wake up in Japan — just stow the tray table and doze off. Once you’re on the ground, what was once just a dream will finally be reality. Are you ready?

Dream Worthy Trip Planning

Dreaming of Japan and developing a real itinerary are two very different things. It doesn’t take long to come up with an incredible list of destinations and an overwhelming fear of missing out. Planning doesn’t have to turn the dream into a nightmare. To make the planning process more manageable, ANA is sharing insights on creating your own dream-worthy experience. 

To do this, we’ve sorted destinations, ideas, insights, travel journals (and more) into three categories: Modern Culture & Dining, Japanese History & Nature, and Japanese Hospitality, because creating areas of focus makes it easier for you, the traveler, to find what entices you most. Are you a foodie or an art lover? What about a history buff or an outdoor enthusiast? How about a relaxation aficionado? Whether you’re dreaming of unique cuisine or a quiet spa day, ANA is here to help wake you up. 

Modern Culture & Dining 

Beyond the irresistible appeal of Japanese food and restaurants, this section delves into the richness of contemporary Japanese culture — offering insights on everything from can’t-miss experiences to first-person travel stories. 

Japanese History & Nature 

Dating back to 660 B.C., Japan has a long and storied past as well as a dynamic natural landscape. Immerse yourself in the legends and history behind Japanese festivals and traditions, as well as the wonders of its verdant land and sea. 

Japanese Hospitality 

Omotenashi, meaning to wholeheartedly look after guests, is the Japanese approach to hospitality. This section looks at how that extends beyond merely hosting, taking you on a journey through the fine art of etiquette and more. 

Within each of these three sections we dive deep into dream-worthy experiences and destinations. Take a moment to consider how your dream trip to Japan may look. Once you know, or even if you still need a little clarity, dive into these sections. Your dream trip to Japan won’t be the same as the person sitting in seat 17C or 30E, and ANA wouldn’t have it any other way. No matter where you are in the dream — be it booking your flight, stepping onto the plane or waking up in Japan — ANA wants your time in Japan to be everything you’ve dreamed of…and more.

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