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Experience Japan From
The Moment You Board

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‘Omotenashi,’ a Japanese word that translates to wholeheartedly looking after your guests.”

—Linh Truong (@withlovelinh)

In Japan, hospitality is more than greeting guests and serving customers. It’s the dedication of the whole self to someone’s experience with no expectations or ulterior motives. The concept of omotenashi derives from traditional tea ceremonies, where a guest’s preferences are met with utmost care to provide the most pleasant experience possible. You will experience omotenashi throughout your visit to Japan, and it starts when you board your flight.

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Linh’s flight from Washington, D.C. to Tokyo was roughly 14 hours long, but soothing menu options like teas, miso soups, and onigiri helped lull her to sleep. Refreshed seasonally, the menus reflect traditional Japanese tastes that bring the best of the country’s cuisine to guests, even before they’ve landed.

  • The appetizers were so good, I even ate the garnishes! Before I knew it, the next set of morsels came out, which included vegetables and sashimi. For the main dish, I had a bowl of rice, some pickled vegetables, a bowl of miso soup and salmon. Everything was cooked to perfection.”



As a return visitor to Japan, Jess Clements was prepared for the flight from Los Angeles, but signs of omotenashi like spacious cabins and complimentary slippers made this overseas journey one to remember. The crew gave Jess a gift as they descended into Tokyo, but she surprised them right back with her own “temiyage,” or small tokens of appreciation.

  • So much room! I did a little skincare before getting into my slippers. I loved the detail of a shoehorn and a bag to take your slippers home. And then it was time to choose between Japanese and international cuisine. It was so fresh, so delicious…I think it was the best plane food I’ve ever had in my life. The flight attendants surprised me with a fruit plate and note. It was such a sweet, kind gesture. They were so amazing and attentive the entire flight.”



Flying Business Class was nothing but pleasure for Ewa and Jeromy Ko.

  • We both got set up with our own pod, which felt like our own mini-bedroom with extra storage space, a full desk, and privacy doors. We’ve never laid down on a flight before and it was so comfortable. You can fully recline the seat into a bed with pillows, a mattress pad, and a blanket. Then the flight attendants whipped up a dessert for us, just in time to catch the Tokyo sunset.”

The ability to comfortably take care of work—and stretch out and relax—helped Ewa and Jeromy arrive energized after the long flight from New York City.

A Japanese adventure doesn’t begin when you exit the airport, it begins when you first experience the signature hospitality—whether in the form of service, food, or unexpected amenities.

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