A vibrant street scene in Osaka, Japan, with various traditional signs and lanterns, including a striking blue tower visible in the background, set under a clear sky.

Japan 101:
A First-Timer’s Guide

Linh Truong is more than a college student planning her first-ever trip to Japan. As a talented content creator, her creativity and authentic travel stories inspire followers. Stan Fukase, an influencer known for his excellent food and shopping recommendations, lives in Tokyo and knows just where to send travelers. Together they are creating the ultimate itinerary for any first-time visitor.

Panoramic view of a vibrant red Japanese temple gate with steps leading up to it, flanked by lush greenery under a cloudy sky, with visitors approaching the entrance.
Collage featuring headshots of content creators Linh Truong and Stan, a cup of matcha latte, a beckoning cat statue, postcards, and diary entries about Japan surrounded by bamboo.

Connecting ANA Ambassadors

Best known for her content on college life, fashion, beauty, art and the queer Asian American experience, Linh is excited to delve into Japanese culture. She’s also determined to cover as much ground as possible. From an afternoon spent cafe hopping to a day touring shrines, Linh is looking to steep herself in Japan’s day-to-day life and rich history.

Spanning two weeks, her trip is perfectly timed to have her home in time for her last semester of college.

“Originally I was only planning on going for a week. Then I realized that just one week wouldn’t be enough to explore multiple cities in the way that I want,” she says. Tokyo, with its numerous prefectures and hidden gems, was a major consideration in her decision to extend the trip.

Essential Destinations Across Japan

A map of Japan featuring Tokyo, Hakone, Nagano, Kyoto, and Osaka.


One of the main experiences Linh has worked into the schedule is time in museums — including the Ghibli Museum, which features works from the iconic Japanese animation studio, Studio Ghibli. To make this dream destination possible, Linh has a reminder set to buy her ticket ahead of time. Tickets are released about a month in advance and set for specific entry times. With Stan’s help, Linh has also been able to add fine art and historical museums to her itinerary.

Mt. Fuji, an active volcano and of Japan’s three sacred mountains, is also on Linh’s list of essential destinations. While it’s easy to jam-pack days with multiple itinerary items, for Japan’s tallest peak Linh is slowing the pace. She has set aside an entire day to hike and explore Mt. Fuji. This experience rounds out Linh’s itinerary with an unforgettable experience in nature.

ANA Ambassadors have one job — to map out the perfect, personalized trip that’s full of insider tips. Follow along to see how this trip pans out and what destinations the other ANA Ambassadors discover.

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