Planning a trip to a far-off destination requires incredible attention to detail and careful scheduling. Aside from timing flights around vacation days and nearest airports, few travelers plan for flights themselves as part of the experience. With All Nippon Airways, every flight is a foray into Japanese culture, making it a key part of any dream-worthy Japanese getaway. By immersing passengers in Japanese culture through food and hospitality, ANA creates serene flights for every traveler. Fall asleep in the comfort of an ANA Boeing 777-300ER and wake up in Japan.

ANA Flies Boeing 777-300ER for a Dream-Worthy Flight

Being named “Best Aircraft Type” year after year by business travelers doesn’t happen by chance. The B777-300ER has a beautifully designed interior, creating an unforgettable in-flight experience for passengers. Everything from its wider cabin, larger windows and more spacious overhead bins creates a comfortable experience for travelers throughout the cabin. This intentionality and prioritization of an excellent travel experience aligns with ANA’s determination to welcome passengers with the best of Japanese hospitality. ANA curates a captivating in-flight experience by introducing Japanese culture long before the seatbelt sign flickers off. Served alongside Tokyo’s Sawanoi Junmai Honjizake, a sake crafted by Ozawa Shuzo, elevated in-flight meals transport passengers’ tastebuds. ANA’s own blended original wines are also available, which were crafted under the expert eye of Olivier Poussier, named Best Sommelier in the World in 2000.

ANA’s Business and First Class Offer Elevated Relaxation

Passenger wellbeing is of the utmost importance throughout the cabin. For those dreaming of a little extra comfort and functionality, ANA’s Premium Economy seats are available. ANA offers an even more exceptional travel experience through recently upgraded Business and First Class — each of which ensures a uniquely inviting journey. Alternating between forward- and rear-facing rows, both Business and First Class use features like luxurious wide seats, direct aisle access and personal sliding doors to create privacy and comfort. Storage space, a table, ports and a larger monitor create a functional space, while a fully reclining seat and available bedding and pajamas ensure a restful experience. Partnering with best-in-class chefs to create delicious, authentic meals, ANA provides Business and First Class passengers with exceptional food and beverage options, in addition to those offered throughout the cabin. All of this culminates in an atmosphere that mindfully transitions passengers from the bustle of everyday life to the dreamscape of time spent in Japan. When an ANA passenger settles into one of the airline’s Boeing 777-300ERs, it’s not just another flight. ANA bookends time spent in Japan with true hospitality and relaxation. So, settle in, buckle up and feel free to fall asleep. We’ll wake you when you arrive in Japan.

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