Traveling inspires curiosity and often begs for careful itinerary planning. With so many incredible sights across Japan, it can be difficult to narrow down the list of dream destinations. To take you along on their journey, ANA has invited five digital creatives to plan their own dream trips to Japan. 

These digital creatives are connoisseurs. Passionate about their respective areas of interest, each person will be documenting their travels. From clicking “book” and building their itinerary to stepping aboard their ANA flights and documenting their on-the-ground experiences, each of these intrepid travelers is creating and heading out on their own unique journey across Japan. 

With expertise ranging from photography, food, adventure, the outdoors and more, Japan is a dream destination for these travelers, and their exquisite taste for travel is sure to inspire. With Japan’s borders finally opening, this is the dream that we can now wake you up from. A reality we want you to experience. A place we want you to be.


Tee George


Tee George can most often be found exploring the great outdoors. Her love of hiking and exploration is both inclusive and inspiring, as she uses her social channels to encourage people of all backgrounds to spend time outside. This passion is apparent in Tee’s itinerary, as she has planned a trip with ANA that focuses on exploring the beauty of Japan’s trails, mountains and coastlines.


Sal DiBenedetto


If food is Sal DiBenedetto’s bread, travel is his butter. Be it cooking a tried-and-true dish or exploring new restaurants, Sal uses his channels to highlight the fun side of food. Across Long Island and around the world, he guides hungry travelers to the best restaurants wherever he goes — which is of course a key focus of Sal’s itinerary while in Japan.


Chelsea Mealo and Rod Trevino


From scenic highways to far-off beaches, Chelsea Mealo captures it all. Her photography highlights beautiful destinations and invites a sense of wonder. In planning her travel itinerary with Rod Trevino and ANA, Chelsea pinpointed some of Japan’s most awe-inspiring, scenic locations. Follow along to see Japan through Chelsea’s lens. 


With an Instagram feed that reads like a luxury travel magazine, Rod Trevino spends most of his time on the road. His specialty is finding and capturing exquisite locations in a way that inspires wanderlust — mindfully framing everything from wintery lakeside campsites to dusty desert views. Like his extensive travel photography portfolio, Rod and Chelsea’s itinerary is aimed at capturing some of Japan’s most iconic and unexpected sights.


Together, Chelsea Mealo and Rod Trevino contribute to All About Adventures, striving to inspire others to explore through stunning photography of dream-worthy destinations.


Ciara Johnson​


Solo-female travel is Ciara Johnson’s specialty. What may daunt others is her fuel. She quit her traditional 9-5 job to pursue her dream job of documenting her travels. With over 60 countries in her passport, Ciara works to inspire women to step out past fear and go see the world. Ciara’s itinerary is brimming with beauty and activities that push past boundaries.

To follow along as these digital creatives plan and take the Japanese trips of their dreams, check back here and be sure to follow ANA.

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