After days of incredible service and culinary delights, the ANA Lounge at Tokyo airport did not disappoint. The lounge is huge and incredibly popular, with international and Japanese cuisine, super strong WIFI, outlets everywhere, TV areas and sofas. And, I have never seen another lounge with such an incredible selection of Sake and Shochu.

My flight home was another journey to remember, with seamless service from take-off to landing, and a super friendly crew that had me smiling all the way. In particular, I saw them taking their time to make origami for the kids in economy, which is a mark of respect as they are giving their time and experience. This is above and beyond anything I seen on any other airline and they truly make you feel like they want you onboard, it’s not just a job.

Final touch was being served a tray with an origami bird, paired with a card and a very sweet treat: a plate with ‘Happy Flight Mr. Eddy’ written in chocolate.  Thank you ANA, I really did.

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