Singapore was the last stop on my trip and well worth the visit. It was a memorable experience wandering around the city and taking in the futuristic architectural designs. From sunrise to sunset, the cityscape continuously evolved.  

The branches of supertrees at Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay do more than evoke the future. The unique structures provide power and shelter for the local plants that live below them.

The architecture in this cities is so inspiring. I could spend all day walking among Singapore’s most iconic buildings at the waterfront Merloin Park. 

By far my favorite structure in Singapore is Marina Bay Sands, it's one of the most visually impressive buildings you will ever see.

What a view. The blue-lit canopies of the Cloud Forest and the Flower Dome are dwarfed by the skyline in this amazing view from my hotel room.

After a long day of sightseeing, I was eager to taste and discover Singapores local flavors. From fusion-inspired dishes to Michelin star restaurants the food scene was equally impressive as it was delicious.  

Heading home in style. I was as tired as my passport is worn, and looked forward to the pampered welcome in the All Nippon Airways lounge.