Turn Imagination into reality…Japan Awaits.

The perfect cup of matcha. The ancient art of Ikebana flower arranging. The fantastical worlds of anime. Inspiration of Japan surrounds us… but there’s nothing quite like the real thing.

Modern Culture & Dining

Thing To Wear: The History of the Kimono

To the citizens of Japan, the graceful folds of this wrapped silk garment hold significantly more meaning than just any wardrobe item. Although the literal translation is “thing to wear,” the kimono remains a beloved part of Japanese heritage and an icon within clothing design. 

Japanese Hospitality

Japanese Dining 101

When it comes to etiquette at the dinner table, Japan has its own unique traditions.The best thing you can do to prepare yourself is to come ready to learn with an open mind and humble attitude. 

Japanese History & Nature

Discover Kyoto: Preserver of Japanese History

For more than 1,000 years, Kyōto served as Japan’s official capital — housing emperors and government buildings — making literal its meaning of “capital city.” Part of the “Kyōto fu” prefecture, Kyōto today is the nation’s cultural capital. With its preserved architecture, intact city planning from 794, UNESCO World Heritage Sites and vibrant history, Kyōto preserves Japanese culture for its citizens and global travelers alike.

Modern Culture & Dining

The Joy of Japanese Souvenirs

Shoppers adore retail epicenters like London, New York and Paris and will quickly fall in love with Tokyo. As the second largest market in Asia, travelers will discover a wide variety of options from cool indie boutiques to vast department stores tempting with a bounty of souvenirs such as budget-friendly keepsakes, handcrafted traditional treasures and contemporary creations.