Turn imagination into reality… Japan awaits.

The perfect cup of matcha. The ancient art of Ikebana flower arranging. The fantastical worlds of anime. Inspiration of Japan surrounds us… but there’s nothing quite like the real thing.

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Need some trip itinerary inspiration? From snowboarding in Hokkaido to discovering the best coffee shops in and around Tokyo, check out what our ANA partners experienced during their past travels to Japan.


As Guinness World Records’ most traveled artist, this DJ knows a thing or two about flying. Learn more about how Steve Aoki and All Nippon Airways have immersed passengers in Japanese culture through the power of music in his past travels.


Environmentalist, author, and adventure sports enthusiast Liz Clark knows how to appreciate the beauty of nature. Follow along on her trip to Hokkaido, which she planned using ANA’s Japan Travel Planner.


Photographer Garret King captures the marvels of Japan in stunning detail. Follow along on his trip, which he planned using ANA’s Japan Travel Planner.


Foodie and founder of popular media company Brunch Boys, Jeremy Jacobowitz knows how to curate a mouthwatering trip. Follow along as he travels through Japan for the best places to visit and the most unforgettable foods to try.


Travel enthusiast and adventure seeker Dean Unglert visits one of his favorite countries – Japan. Follow along as he visits some of the top destinations and hidden gems throughout the country.


Coffee lover Davina Tan set out to find the best, most picturesque cafes in and around Tokyo. Learn more about the local spots she likes a latte.

Japanese Hospitality

Are You Listening to the Scents of Japan?

To fully appreciate a trip to Japan, you have to take a deep breath. Or a few deep breaths. The Japan’s history is in the air, all you have to do is listen. Yes, listen. In Japan, to appreciate the complex tapestry of scents perfuming the air, incense masters...

Modern Culture & Dining

The Latest in Japan’s Cat Culture

In Japan, neko (cats) are becoming a must-pet tourist attraction. Roaming cities and towns, taking over coffee shops, the animals have stolen the hearts of residents and visitors alike. Today, there are more than 150 cat cafés dotting Japan. Though other animals,...


The Evolution of the Japanese Toilet

Long — ahem — the butt of jokes in the Western world, the superior experience and cleanliness of using a high-tech toilet in Japan is no laughing matter. Sure, one of the most immediate, formative experiences for first-time visitors to Japan is a confusing and...

Modern Culture & Dining

5 Tips for Perfect Chopsticks Etiquette

5 Tips for Perfect Chopsticks EtiquetteOrdered a sushi delivery lately? If so, odds are that from the moment you snapped apart the chopsticks and rubbed their splintery edges together to your last chomp of chirashi, you probably committed a half dozen faux pas that...