Japanese Hospitality

Making the Most of Traveling Solo in Japan

Visiting some of Japan’s most iconic cities, Ciara Johnson explored new foods and tracked down iconic landmarks — and did it solo. As a travel expert who encourages others to explore the world with her solo adventures, Ciara’s itinerary is a how-to guide on making memories all on your own. Here, she reflects on some of those moments from her time spent exploring Japan.

Japanese History & Nature

City and Nature: Capturing Japan’s Contrasting Beauty

From the incredible beauty of Japan’s natural landscape to the gleaming lights of its bustling cities, Rod Trevino and Chelsea Mealo curated their itinerary to strike the perfect balance. The creative duo intentionally sought out inspiring landscapes to explore as well as opportunities to dive into bustling cities and vibrant culture. Their travel highlights capture the incredible diversity of experiences available in Japan.

Modern Culture & Dining

Taste Tokyo’s Fine Dining Scene

Japanese cuisine was the star of Sal DiBenedetto’s time in Japan. Seeking out fine-dining experiences was of particular interest, leading the foodie to premium locations known for their creative presentations of Japanese classics.

Modern Culture & Dining

Learn to Cook Japanese Food in Tokyo

“Food was a major part of my time in Tokyo and this gave me a peak behind the curtain, to say the least. There’s a reason why Japanese food is among the best in the world.”

Ciara Johnson traveled to Japan with ANA and documented her journey, detailing her time exploring the rich history and culture of both Tokyo and Kyoto. As a content creator who regularly shares her experiences as a solo female traveler, Ciara planned an itinerary ideal for anyone looking to explore Japan — be it with friends, family, or as an intrepid party of one.

Japanese Hospitality

Say ‘Yes’ to the Unexpected in Osaka

“We really wanted to see what Osaka had to offer and say ‘yes’ to whatever came our way. So we said ‘yes’ to trying new sake and street foods, walking around aimlessly and hopping on a river cruise.”  

When planning her trip to Japan, adding Osaka to her itinerary wasn’t a priority for content creator Chelsea Mealo. Thankfully, she went along with fellow creator and friend Rod Trevino to explore the unique city.

Japanese History & Nature

Reflecting on the Joy of Exploring Japan

Reflecting on her time in Japan, Tee George struggled to limit her favorite experiences on the ground to just a few highlights. Her time was filled with dazzling moments in Tokyo and days spent immersing herself in the beauty of nature along the Japanese coast.